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Srixon z585 irons

The players distance iron category has become more and more popular in golf in recent years, and in many ways it was Srixon that was well ahead of the curve when it launched its Z irons several years ago. The company followed up that with the highly popular Z and is now back with the brand new Z irons. These are irons that offer explosive ball speed and distance, as well as high launch conditions and significant forgiveness.

That performance, however, comes in a sleek, compact package that also offers the soft, forged feel that better players love. For those who are less concerned about distance and want maximum control in an iron, however, the Z irons might be a better option.

With the new Z irons, Srixon has taken that ball speed to an even higher level by utilizing an internal channel on the SUP10 face insert, a design feature it is calling a Speed Groove. The result is a clubface that flexes even more than the Z to create even faster ball speeds. Also new with the Z irons is a revamped sole design, which Srixon is calling the Tour V. The new shape has been implemented to provide even better turf interaction from the fairway or rough, and deeper grooves and laser face milling have also been utilized in the design to provide more spin and improved spin consistency from any lie.

The soles of the long irons are also slightly thicker to provide more forgiveness in terms of the strike. Additionally, the body of the Z irons has been forged from soft carbon steel to provide a crisp, solid sound and feel at impact. The stock shaft options for the Z irons are the Nippon Modus steel or the Miyazaki Kuala graphite, but Srixon also offers more than two dozen additional aftermarket shafts at no upcharge for players in need of a different profile.

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srixon z585 irons

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Srixon released two new sets of irons inthe Z and this, the Z These clubs look very good in the bag and at address. They look like a slightly more dressed up version of the Z but still retain a classic appearance. Even better is how they look when addressing the ball. The blade length is nearly identical to the Z In the bag, there is clearly a difference between the two models, but over the ball they look extremely similar.

The sound of this club striking the ball is a light thud and click combined. It is a solid, satisfying sound. The Tour V. The 5 and 6 irons are one degree stronger in the Z while the 9 iron and pitching wedge are two degrees stronger. With the sole on the long irons being wider than the mid and short irons, they are incredibly easy to launch, even out of less than ideal lies. That, combined with the fact that the lofts in the 3 and 4 irons match up, means that these clubs are perfectly set up to work in a combo set with the slimmer Z irons.

For a mid to high handicapper, I could see a full set of these irons going straight in the bag and being the most satisfying to hit and best performing clubs that person has ever owned. For the better player, the Srixon Z slots perfectly into the 3, 4, and potentially even 5 iron slots in a combo set with the more traditional Z Dylan, how about a combo with the Srixon U85 shown on their website? How do they compare to the new Bridgestone tour b jgr H2 irons. Would you say one is more forgiving than the other.

We had different writers review each iron, so unfortunately neither of us can give you a good comparison. I was wondering since they only have a forged face. Any forgiveness comparisons between the two? I also like the feel of the Srixons better. I have only played a few rounds with them but they are going to stay in the bag for awhile. I am a 8 HC with a moderate SS. Nice review. Very high-quality iron. I wanted a club I could grow with and the z has definitely proven itself.

I get great feedback. Wonderful solid feel. I also get a few extra yards with these irons. I tried a half dozen different clubs but the z was by far my favorite. Thank you. This is what I needed to hear.Thankfully, the Srixon Z irons have very thin toplines, which are very attractive at address.

I really like the graduated sole design — thicker soles with longer irons for extra forgiveness and thinner soles for shorter irons for added control on well struck shots. Design wise, I really like the simple color scheme of black and silver. Those looking for a game improvement iron typically want two things: distance and forgiveness.

The Srixon Z irons perform exceptionally well in these categories. While demoing, I was hitting these irons about yards longer than my current gamers, and both irons have the same lofts 31 degrees for a 7 iron. On my mishits is where I saw the biggest difference, though.

My mishits with the Srixon Z irons fly nearly just as far as my perfect strikes. An added benefit of the Srixon Z irons? Incredible feel at impact. The great feel at impact is due to the forging process. The forging process also plays a large role in why this set has such great distance control. I was able to hit 10 shots in a row with my 7 irons all within 5 yards distance-wise, which gave my great confidence in this set.

Srixon released three lines of irons with their latest release: The Z irons, the Z irons, and the Z Forged irons. This website is based on the best value golf clubs.

Although Srixon is very fairly priced when compared to other insanely priced brands, we still think there are better value options available. A common way to save a lot of money is to find the previous line of clubs. Because they have been out of years, the prices have slowly dropped every month. In this case, check out the previous model: the Srixon Z irons. Just look at the picture above. There is hardly a difference at all in design. Performance wise, the main difference is that the new Z irons have a stronger club face.

Not a huge difference, though.View all options here. Get consistent ball strikes with smooth turf interaction. Plus, long irons feature wider soles for extra forgiveness.

An internal channel on the SUP10 face insert allows for more face-flex, enhancing speed and distance. A body forged from soft carbon steel offers less vibration and a better feel through impact. Laser Milling produces consistent spin from the fairway or the rough, giving you total control on all shots and more stopping power into greens.

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Srixon Z585 \u0026 Z785 Iron Review

TOUR V. SOLE Get consistent ball strikes with smooth turf interaction. Laser Milling Laser Milling produces consistent spin from the fairway or the rough, giving you total control on all shots and more stopping power into greens.

In order to give you a better service, Srixon uses cookies. By using this website, you consent to our use of cookies as described in our privacy policy. Click here for further details. We noticed your browser is in Russia. Would you like to transfer to our RU site? No Yes.By kiwihackerOctober 1, in Equipment. I'm interested in buying the z irons but when I made enquiries with my local supplier they told me the new zx5 and zx7 series would be arriving in a couple of weeks and I should wait to try them.

Just wondering if anyone has hit both and how the z compares to the new zx5. I was ready to pull the trigger on the 's but now wondering if the new model is worth the wait. I think I like the look of the better. At least the cavity.

srixon z585 irons

The zx 5 and 7 cavities look like overcomplicated versions of the z which I think is a beautiful looking iron. Landy 4 posts. ScottHutch2 3 posts. December 6, October 3, That being said, I actually like the looks of the new 5 over the If it were me, I would look at all 4 releases starting at the and pick which. December 3, I think the looks better than the ZX The had a massive grass collecting void in the back of it. Hard pass. Bear in mind I'm down under in NZ.

Maybe I'm jumping the gun and nobody has hit them yet except for a few YouTube pros. Lines everywhere. Is that the back of an iron or a road map?

If someone put the or next to the new one, I would say it finishes last in looks. The is iconic for its performance and looks, which still draw rave reviews. If it were me, I would look at all 4 releases starting at the and pick which you think looks better in bag and at address. I tend to agree - the ZX models have a lot going on. The 7 series, however, I liked better in the, and That is one head I think did get less clunky from the to now.

Srixon makes great gear and not just the irons and utilities.

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I do like my Chunky Monkey Z Now for some graphite shafts I can actually load in the 's Interesting re reading this thread. Everyone seemed to hate the look of the new ZX series on first sight but now they seem to be very popular with no complaints about the look.The Srixon Z Irons follow on from the Z irons and continue the forged construction combined with forgiveness that the Z 65 range was renowned for.

The previous model was very successful so Srixon have not messed with it much, just done a few things here and there to improve the feel and the speed off the face.

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The Z profile at address is similar to the previous model with a nice bit of offset and a generous top line. On the reverse the muscle back has changed so that is almost a blend of the shapes on the previous Z and Z Now the main part of the muscle is lower down and more towards the toe in order to move weight across the head and improve the MOI.

This has been combined with a little more mass behind the centre of the face to give the head a bit more power. However it is on the inside of the cavity where Srixon has improved the head by thinning out the Speed Groove in the SUP10 face insert to enable it to flex a little bit more.

The rest of the body is made from Forged Carbon Steel and the feel from this was a little better in the Z thanks to the improved weight distribution of the muscle back. The sole still uses the Tour V. Sole design that aims to get through the grass quicker and it certainly does this particularly well, with the V shape highlighted by the polished chrome trailing edge.

The leading edge bounce on the front of the V is the same as the Zbut the trailing edge bounce is a degree greater on the 3 to 9 irons to accommodate the slightly wider sole. Taking the two models on GC2 with Titleist Pro V1x balls you could see that the performance was very similar between the two. However both are longer than the 5-iron from the Z set because of the faster ball speed from the different face, so this is why blending the two sets is advantageous. The feel from the longer irons is very good for what is a cavity back iron and anyone wanting to blend the Z irons with the more blade like Z short irons will not be disappointed with the feel.

The 6-iron would probably be the break point for this as the 7-iron downwards might start to sound a little hollow for better players.

Srixon Z585 Iron Set

However for everyone else, this is just part of the trade-off for more forgiveness and mid to high handicappers will love the combination of forged feel and forgiveness that the Z irons provide. Great irons very forgiving and super solid at impact. Great set of irons highly recommended for average to low handicappers!

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Srixon Z 585 Irons Review

Aug 27, Golfalot Rating: 5 stars. More from Srixon. User Reviews Darren Watts.

srixon z585 irons

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Srixon Website.Erin Hills Golf Course. Beaver Creek Resort Keystone Resort. Omni Tucson National Golf Resort. It really doesn't matter who you are or how well you already play golf, hitting the ball farther is just plain fun. It sounds great to say I hit my 9 iron yards, or I can carry my 4-iron over yards.

We know that irons are about precision, but we still want to hit them far. We really want it all, long hitting irons, but yet ones that look like a players club and feel like butter.

The Srixon Z irons are as close to that as you can find. They hit the ball a long ways, yet still feel amazing and look pretty darn good. While I have always been a Srixon Z series iron player, I've heard good things about the Z series irons and wanted to give them a try to see if I would enjoy them in the bag. For this year, I decided to make a combo set with the Z irons in the long irons, the Z irons in the mid irons review here and the Z Forged for the short irons review coming soon.

This way I could move my way through the bag from most forgiving to most scoring biased clubs. They all play with the Nippon Pro Modus3 stiff flex shaft. This super smooth feeling shaft paired with the forged heads is fantastic. I dropped the Srizon Z 4-iron and 5-iron in the bag for my recent rounds. I've played enough golf and tested enough clubs to have my yardages dialed in for every iron. I hit a 4iron yards and a 5-iron yards. The first swing with the Srixon 5-iron went yards.

I wasn't sure if this was a fluke or the new norm. My second hit with these irons was a 4-iron. I flew that club over yards.

I was noticing a trend that was no fluke.

srixon z585 irons

These club are longer! It didn't take any extra effort or harder swing, just normal swings and contact and boom, 1 full club longer. As I transitioned to the Z 6-iron I didn't have a weird gap, since it too was just a touch longer so it split the difference and the combo set was working perfectly.

The Srixon Z irons are certainly longer, but their feel is buttery smooth like the other Srixon forged irons. I was actually impressed with how solid they feel for a cavity back iron. There is no hollow feeling at impact, but solid metal pushes through the ball. This feedback is vital to hitting good shots repeatedly. Obviously the sweet spot is bigger on these irons so there is additional forgiveness for long shots.

The margin for error needs to be even less on the long irons and I've been impressed with how straight these irons hit. I know I don't hit every shot perfectly, but these certainly had me thinking I hit every long iron better than normal. The Srixon Z irons have the V. It really works for excellent turf interaction.

I find their continual tweaking of this feature makes it softer and more playable. The wider sole of the Z irons makes this sole even more valuable to me. I can't play thick soled irons, they simply don't interact with the turf properly, but the V.

The Srixon Z irons have great looks.

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